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10 Of The Best Massage Oils, According To Aromatherapy Experts

10 Of The Best Massage Oils, According To Aromatherapy Experts

A deep, relaxing massage is one of life's most luxe treats — especially with a fancy oil that makes your muscles melt.

While massage therapy itself consists of the manipulation of muscles and lymph nodes through professional pressing and rubbing techniques, massage oil itself is designed to make a massage session relaxing and restorative.

They are also hydrating—protecting your skin's barrier and retaining moisture, in addition to reducing friction between your skin and the hands of the masseuse. 

Cooler still, the best massage oils have longer-lasting skincare benefits - they’re deliciously scented, immaculately formulated, and leave your limbs feeling super soft and nourished.

Not sure where to start when it comes to investing in nature's best elixirs? WH called upon some of the UK's leading aromatherapists who reveal their ultimate guide to massage oils...

What are the benefits of massage oils?

Massage oils are designed to make you feel relaxed and restored, many have hydrating properties and work to protect the skin's barrier, in addition to reducing friction between your skin and the hands of the masseuse.

'When using essential oils in massage you not only receive the physical benefit of the massage itself, for example increasing circulation and stimulating the muscle fibres and lymph flow, but you also get the emotional benefit from the fragrance of the essential oils,' explains Neal’s Yard Remedies Fran Johnson, Aromatherapist and NYR Formulator.

What is the best oil to use for a body massage?

This all depends on how you want to feel after your massage and what time of day you're having it. Aromatherapy Associates Global Director of Education & Wellbeing, Christina Salcedas advises: 'For an evening treatment, you'll want to use an oil with ingredients like Ylang Ylang, Camomile and Vetiver that work together to encourage a peaceful night's sleep.'

But perhaps you're looking for a morning boost. In that instance, Christina suggests incorporating refreshing essential oils such as Grapefruit, Rosemary, Coconut and Jojoba. These, she notes, are not only invigorating but are also nourishing for your skin.

What oils are the best to use with your partner?

Massages are not only great at soothing aching muscles but they're also great at boosting intimacy with your partner.

Many studies have been done linking touch and intimacy, the general takeaway from many of them is that 'the language of touch is universal,' says marriage councillor, psychotherapist, and Wright Wellness Centre co-founder, Rachel Wright. 'Massage is something that you need to be comfortable receiving, so it's inherently communicating intimacy,' Wright explains.

When it comes to giving yourself or your partner a massage at home you'll want to use oils such as Coconut or Sweet Almond to enhance your sensual experience.

Aromatherapy Associates Global Director of Education & Wellbeing, Christina Salcedas suggests 'introducing their Revive Evening oil, it's a beautiful oil for couples as it contains natural aphrodisiac Ylang Ylang to get the evening started.'

What massage oils do professionals use?

If you're booking in for a massage with Neals Yard, who have therapy rooms all over the UK Charlie McCorry, Head of Therapies at Neal’s Yard Remedies tells WH: 'Our therapists will use a base massage oil which could be almond, grape-seed or coconut and then we'll add essential oils to suit the individual needs of the client.' So, you'll be getting a bespoke oil for your treatment based on your needs and wants.

The most important thing with professional oils is that they need to be blended correctly in order to be most efficient. Let's face it: There are so many massages oils out there, and a lot of them aren't great for your skin. Here's our roundup of some of the best massage oils on the market so you can finally relax knowing your skin is in good hands.

10 best massage oils to try now

1. Best massage oil after a workout: The Organic Pharmacy Arnica Massage Oil

Relive fatigued, sore muscles and aching joints with this warming oil that uses both Arnica and Ginger to soothe and relax. Want an insider tip? Arnica oil is a star player in the lineup for its natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits.

[product contentProductId='3c3f6cc8-dad6-436e-89f2-3096a5180b21' mediaId='0cd54166-c0b7-4004-abc8-0e52b52fb05a' align='center' size='medium'][/product]

2. Best massage oil to aid sleep: Weleda, Lavender Relaxing Body Oil

Trouble sleeping? This oil helps soothe your senses and unwind tensions thanks to the organic lavender extracts, sweet almond and sesame oil. Massage in, breathe deeply and relax.

[product contentProductId='22af4d0a-75a0-4266-8ae3-24e639618170' mediaId='05c2b4d6-e1a0-4fc1-b3d2-f98e9ecc7a98' align='center' size='medium'][/product]

3. Best massage to energise: Neals Yard Remedies, Geranium and Orange Massage Oil

This calming massage oil is a blend of uplifting essential oils in a nourishing base to restore your skin’s natural vibrancy.

[product contentProductId='e684e79a-f4dc-4621-978a-723180f932da' mediaId='a14a1792-1671-4246-98f0-4907df56007a' align='center' size='medium'][/product]

4. Best massage oil for dry skin: Votary Hydrating Body Oil

This delicate oil packs a hydrating punch. A cocktail of gorgeous ingredients make up this all-natural blend. Sunny Bergamot with its antibacterial properties, Mandarin oil works to hydrate the skin for a brightened and even complexion. Black cumin seed oil is deeply moisturising and restores a youthful look and vibrancy to your skin.

[product contentProductId='d33d73af-4b97-4428-a2f9-822c76ed8a37' mediaId='a8f935dd-d191-4695-aadb-7ddc41d5eed6' align='center' size='medium'][/product]

5. Best dry massage oil: Typology Botanical Oil Organic Hazelnut

Hazelnut oil is rich in Vitamin E and oleic acid, not only is this packed with skincare benefits making it the perfect massage companion. But it's a dry oil, meaning it penetrates the skin quicker than a normal oil and leaves behind no greasy finish.

[product contentProductId='5361ca46-59b1-4acc-ba29-4a0c06e884b6' mediaId='54a3324f-9efa-46bc-979b-367ef9c75dbb' align='center' size='medium'][/product]

6. Best relaxing massage oil: Elemis De-Stress Massage Oil

Melt away tension and any aches with this de-stressing oil. The relaxing synergy of pure rosewood, melissa, marjoram, geranium, rosemary, lavender and chamomile soothes the mind and harmonises the body. We'll take two please!

[product contentProductId='f79a9f44-d1df-40a8-bba7-0a42b71ceb06' mediaId='e6160499-2f6c-4023-bb56-34f5975d9387' align='centre' size='medium'][/product]

7. Best massage oil for winter: Rituals The Rituals Of Hammam Massage Oil

If an autumnal cold has left you feeling achy and tired then reach for this bottle of soul-soothing magic. The warming properties of natural eucalyptus help to ease a stuffy nose while argan oil leaves skin replete with moisture and muscle tension reduced.

[product contentProductId='251e54ab-3a75-4a33-b304-3f042e04df8a' mediaId='74b6e9a6-71b6-4ecb-8ceb-46ec7a6cd298' align='center' size='medium'][/product]

8. Best massage oil for lymphatic drainage: Clarins Contour Treatment Oil

Clarins Head of Training, Marie Schmid uses the Clarins Contour Body Oil to give lymphatic drainage massages to her clients. 'They are helpful due to their plant extract benefits, aiding in blood and lymph circulation and skin tightening and the overall aromatherapy results,' she says.

[product contentProductId='5cc9d5a3-ca6c-4be2-b7e0-cb61579534fd' mediaId='c3a43616-9545-4133-8997-7fe5dddbfa0e' align='center' size='medium'][/product]

9. Best massage oil to use as a couple: Coco de Mer Roseravished Massage Oil

A heady sandalwood scent lifts the spirits, while delicate rose offers aphrodisiac properties to invigorate and arouse - a great one for couples to use together!

[product contentProductId='ea2aad85-07f1-42af-a820-7a2e22142b2f' mediaId='95b7b274-99eb-43ef-864f-9f0dfdafbcf6' align='center' size='medium'][/product]

10. Best organic massage oil: Bamford B Silent Organic Body Oil

Unwind after a long day with this deeply relaxing oil containing St John's Wart, Lavendar and Camomile all known for their relaxing properties. A sumptuous non-greasy, easily absorbed body oil to help you relax.

[product contentProductId='a51f9fbd-6191-40be-a1c2-b5d32a80bfc8' mediaId='a152c914-58a6-4696-907b-5d0ca344b6a7' align='center' size='medium'][/product]


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